Professional software for businesses

Since 1991 TOP SA is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive systems mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Product offer includes:

  • Integrated Information System ERP TOP9000
  • Analytical Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Dedicated Applications
  • Warehouse Management System TOP WMS of High Storage
  • Mobile Applications

TOP SA is a manufacturer of all of our solutions. This allows the company to offer products fully covering the needs of the most demanding customers who expect personal attention and support from experienced professionals from the IT industry.

12 listopada 2019
Web Summit 2019

One of the most important technological and IT events in 2019 – Web Summit in Lisbon. This event gathers over 70,000 participants, founders of the largest technology companies and hundreds of the fastest growing startups from around the world.Over the four days of the conference, several hundred lectures, workshops, coaching and networking sessions. Speakers included […]

16 października 2019
Huawei Developer Day Poland

On October 15, we had the pleasure to participate in the Huawei Developer Day Poland conference. The theme of the event was a detailed discussion of how the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem works  and the possibilities of business cooperation within the AppGallery. HMS is Huawei’s proprietary solution, which is the basis for the Huawei […]

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