TOP Production

MODULE Order/Production scheduling

The module enables the creation of production orders, generate production schedules, production records (use of bar code readers), track the status of production orders. With sales forecast prepared and the information of the quantities ordered by customers in an automated system is preparing production plans, taking into account the optimal batch size is set at the right time.

The production plan divided into individual steps can be compiled and processed in many ways to control the processes taking place in the production.


The module performs the function of material requirements planning (MRP) and manufacturing capacity planning (CRP). Based on productions plans, the system saves the need to perform the operation to assess the machines (slots) will be used, to what extent and how much you need to hire people to achieve planned production.

Depending on the manner of supplies you can order supplies of materials for specific planned production schedules, or by using the statistical requirements and controlling them with the requirements of the planned production.

MODULE Calculation and settlement of the production

The module is used to perform the caclulation of manufacturing cost and in cooperation with the F-K modules and magazine production settled by planned and actual costs, assisted analysis of the use of materials, time, machine utilization.

In addition to standard accounting statements, the statement carries a lot of information production controls to evaluate the performance of business processes, profitability faculties and departments of the company, based on revenue, cost of planned, actual costs, variations due to changes in the production process, etc.

All documents created at the plant are recorded in an automated way. Settlement of production including the setting of key cost sharing also takes place automatically. On the basis of data on planned and actual consumption of the system generates a number of combinations of control – from the summary on the performance of the total plan periods, through the analysis of individual plans – until the analysis performed for a single plan, allowing for detailed control.