TOP Distribution


Advanced sales system configuration possibilities with huge tariffs, rules of relief, supporting cards of regular customers, scales, POS devices, data collectors, label printers, etc., that gives many possibilities to monitor the sales process, contractors, settlement and fulfillment of the conditions of trade agreements, receivables and payment control, operation customers and their orders.


An advanced application dedicated to retail sales in stores and supermarkets. Works with external devices (scales, data collectors, labeling, readers, etc.), you can create a Sales Information Points.

MODULE Warehouse

The module supports storage of materials, raw materials, finished products. Allows execution of orders, moving goods between its own departments. It has an extensive system of analysis (analysis of temporal trends, charts, analysis, inventory turnover, etc.), supports the storage of various terms of storage, works with external devices.

MODULE Complains

The module supports the processes of complaints in the enterprise. The system allows you to register complaints of order, track their status, allows you to make the analysis of orders from different angles, complaints can accept orders via the internet.

MODULE Automation of procurement

Software to automate the process of procurement of goods and materials from supploeres. With the definitions of logistics determining the weight, size, modes of transportation and delivery periods, can fully replace manual work. Automatically creates orders and send them via e-mail, fax server, print.

MODULE Transport

The software used to generate waybills, transport orders, records of progress and cost of vehicles, and hence enables the analysis of transport costs, costs per kilometer, etc.

MODULE Intrastat

The program works with sales module, automating Intrastat.

MODULE eBusiness

The implementation of B2B transactions, allowing you to take customers’ orders throough a network of Web-based on-line.