What we do

TOP S.A. specializes in the production and implementation of specialized information systems for companies.

The compnay’s offer is a full comprehensive software package: form ERP systems (including: finance, human resources, sales, logistics, purchasing, warehouse, complaints, transportation, crm, production), the analitycal Business Intelligence systems, web tools supporting contact with the client, WMS and B2B systems, electronic document circulation systems, reporting systems and dedicated applications.

We do not sell „the-shelf sofware” – we work with our clients to achieve the best solutions for their purposes.

Because we are a manufacturer of all qualified specialistsworking in our company, so we are responsible for each stage of cooperation: from identify needs and functionality by the implementation of post-implementation support supervision of the consultants involved in the action.

Our products are constantly innovated and adapted to changing conditions and customer expectations. They are occupational safety, flexibility and efficiency, so that support the development of our clients, allowing them to achieve a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex market.

TOP S.A. company as the basis for cooperations is committed to providing opportunities for change and software development, and close cooperation with partners. Companies expanding their operations often make changes to operational processes and information. Lack of ability to adapt software to changing conditions in the comapny will slow down its activities.