Our department is completing the implementation of projects to implement several clients including multi-branch company trade equipment and technical parts. In addition, we work on the system B2B company producing machines and the implementation of a number of leading companies and rent retail space in major shopping centers. Currently, most of the projects are in the final phase of the implementation, more detailed descriptions of projects and clients will post soon so that we can introduce you to the benefits of implementation.

Also our sales and marketing department in recent months intensified marketing efforts, we have done mostly

in collaboration with our partners in KlasterIT.pl. In addition to active participation in conferences organized by the cluster such as Computer System for Multi-site Trade, which we presented our solutions to manage high storage and ways to deal with the most common errors and problems with storage area, showed the tools to manage logistics in a multi-branch structure. In addition, we participated among others in the Congress of the Polish Eastern and recent Congress of IT Professionals and a number of other activities and events. In addition to this all the time we are actively working and exchanging knowledge with our Partners.