Our company specializes in multi-trade companies. Our systems have a number of specialized solutions to better managing of the company, and processes related to customer service.

Especially noteworthy supply modules, control rotation, inventory control, inventory planning, profitability analysis and budgeting. Examples of functionality used by our clients:

  • service contracts with customers and a wide range of opportunities for the application of discounts, terms and conditions, promotions, loyalty programs, discount cards, etc.,
  • on-line control of the settlement, including delinquency and therefore the security of transactions,
  • register of persons entitled to receive the goods,
  • registry offers for the history of changes, the effectiveness and delays,
  • registry placement of goods in warehouses,
  • registry of goods by groups, types, and in many sections, roll sets (eg. bathroom),
  • records of customer orders, billing orders, sales force automation products ordered,
  • support the process of ordering from suppliers, to fully automated order the goods,
  • working with weights, labeling machine, data collectors,
  • supports various types of self-service sales to wholesale complex,
  • restrictions on the rights of different groups of vendors, limits discounts etc.,
  • automate the process of discounting goods by certain conditions,
  • sales support and excessive slow-moving goods,
  • record sales, warehouse workers, salesmen, traders in connection with the operations,
  • record of profitability that allows for the analysis of the structure of the margin,
  • records of lost sales,
  • automated booking of goods in connection with the procurement and delivery times,
  • automate the exchange of documents in the B2B.