The system has a number of specialized solutions to better manage production company.

The benefits that have had production facilities after the implementation of TOP9000 include:

  • favorable levels of control over the material supply to ensure continuity of production, reducing excess inventory, warning of shortages,
  • tracking of the implementation of the Client’s order - from order through production, to delivery and invoicing,
  • automated selection system optimizes production batch orders and production profile plant, resulting in improved product availability and lead times customers while reducing inventories of unnecessary and excessive,
  • observation results in the automatic settlement TOP9000 production processes allows for checks on the accuracy of valuations and exemptions TKW planned and actual costs and, consequently, the correct valuation of products,
  • knowledge about the profitability of sold products (using multi-dimensional OLAP analysis tools) - profitability of products, groups of products sold, broken down by company, regions, districts, provinces, countries, resulting in a change in the profile clients change policy discount, production profile, etc.,
  • storage service packs, storage position and chaotic greatly improves utilization of warehouse space,
  • the use of tools of production planning takes into account the sales figures, customer orders and production capabilities allows for proper planning needs of our clients as and when it should be produced by increasing the availability of products to end customers while reducing inventory levels of products,
  • assistant manager application tool is a reality at direct production workers, providing them with information about the tasks and how their technical performance and collecting data on actual executions and possible delays.