Logistics center

For companies with extensive logistics department prepared a number of tools to support them in the planning of orders, manage the shop, taking orders and completion issues.

Thanks the automatic orders in the company, orders are placed automatically, taking into account such as:

  • stocks
  • rotation,
  • trends,
  • order history,
  • packaging,
  • recommendations for minimum and maximum inventory,
  • delivery periods,
  • excesses, slow-moving, key commodities,
  • storage costs and frozen assets,
  • the cost of the lost margine,
  • demand forecasts,
  • the logistics,
  • conditions and the promotion of producer,
  • transport optimalization,
  • others

Quantitative data on their own and foreign orders are available for warehouse workers employed in high-bay warehouse. Warehouse staff working at the terminals get a tool to control the correctness of admissions and releases. System in addition to the compliance of the operation and also generates a range of relevant documents in the automatic document differences.

All data warehouse operations are recorded in the system and are the basis for the work including analytical systems, sales and public address systems of sent shipments.