Implementation of the system

TOP SA not only sells software. Implementing a system we focuses on help to make the company relevant procedures, optimize processes and choose the tools best suited to the workings of the client.

Each time the implementation is carried out by individual arrangements, so that the implementation can guarantee the achievement of the desired objectives.

The implementation of the system can be divided into the following steps:

  • preparation for the implementation of the system
    • analysis of the needs of the enterprise,
    • organizational consulting, documentation,
    • cooperation in the creation workflow,
    • prepare a training schedule and scope,
    • transmission of data from the old,
    • preparation of specialized / individual functionality
  • training of personnel from the use of TOP systems
    • preparation bench cards
    • training of the basic functionality of the system
    • bench test of skills
    • further training for the development of new functionality in the work
  • assist runtime
    • support launch of system at the customer
    • supervision over the start of work on the new system
    • remote monitoring of servers and client stations
  • post-implementation support
    • retraining workers
    • preparation of new studies, reports, statements disclosed the customer’s needs
    • service support – remote via the internet
    • personal service support onsite
    • development and construction of new functionality
    • update systems to changes inregulations
    • implementation of new systems, upgraded TOP version