Analysis and Reports

From the TOP systems, you can receive reports and analyzes the results with a few tools:

SQL Reports: built-in sets of procedures allow you to generate your own queries and statements based on the data of the system. SQL analysis modules allow you to assign specific types of users analytical capabilities, storing them in the system and its implementation for the request. Each system includes a graphical tool for designing advanced single and multi-page reports, then performed with the program TOP SA.

TOP System Information Security Center: the user is informed of the status of processes and resources (the system can include both business issues as well as infrastructure).

The system is based on multi-dimensional OLAP tools. OLAP analysis make the analysis of data organized in a multi-dimensional cube (cube development is often worth thousands of tables flat) becomes much simpler and obtain management information much faster. Analysis can be directly modified by the user, it can also add their own metrics calculated, store report templates and data cubes.

A more detailed description of the system of Information Security Center, and Business Intelligence system can be found in the Products tab.