TOP Business Intelligence

The vast amount of information generated in the enterprise as a result of the above modules work forms the basis of work TOP Business Intelligence used for advanced, multi-dimensional analysis of economic phenomena.

Business Intelligence System is a softwareapplication and technology for collecting, analyzing data and providing applications that help organizations make optimal business decisions. The system includes activities such as decision-making support, query and reporting, online analysis ( OLAP – On Line Analytical Processing ), statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining.

Its mission is to transform, integrate and aggregate distributed, heterogeneous data from different systems and applications. Data warehouses contain information that will enable a thorough analysis of the company’s activities and its results. The analysis of large amounts of data stored in data warehouses allows the idenification of previously unnoticed patterns and relationships. Their understanding and using, can increase the competitives of the business.

The TOP OLAP can distinguish three layers: powered, analytical and data presentation.

  • Power layer is responsible for the extraction of data from the source systems, their initial cleaning, transformation and analytical layer injection.
  • Analytical layer is a layer of the most diverse, in which the system has a number of analyzes prepared – using a large range of tools, from simple database queries, through multivariate analysis.
  • Data presentation layer (visualization) in turn, as the most convenient way to provide data to users. The built-in Editor system allows you to create any custom analysis without the need to purchase any additional development tools.

Business and operational benefits from the use of our solutions include:

  • data integration,
  • evaluation and improvement of business performance,
  • business decisions based on reliable information,
  • reduce the time and cost of processing large amounts of data and making decisions,
  • provide employees with access to automatically updated information,
  • predict the future based on your input and assumptions.

TOP Business Intelligence is a powerful tool for managers and specialists involved in the analysis and strategy, allowing for gaining significant advantage competing companies. TOP Business Intelligence provides an excellent analytical tool for deciding optimal business decisions across the enterprise. The system obtains data from the system within the operational layer and converts them into multi-dimensional structures. The user receives a set of predefined reports for multidimensional analysis of the various areas of the company.

System allows you to create:

  • analysis of the profitability of sales,
  • costs analysis,
  • sales forecasts,
  • aging analysis of inventories,
  • analysis of stocking,
  • automated procurement planning,
  • planning and budgeting,
  • graphical presentation of the indicators in the form of cockpit Manager.

The functional scope of the system depends on the needs of the enterprise information.