Stock program SOLO

To support sales in the company, is dedicated module SOLO – Sales. Built in Client-Server architecture using these SQL Server databases provides apart from significant productivity and data security very rich functionality.

Essential feature of the sale are:

  • generate any document circulation quantity and value,
  • work on-line, all data developed and updated on a regular basis, the ability to set your own lists of documents,
  • assignment of the usual documents to contractors,
  • any number of price lists,
  • excessive rules of discounts: for management discounts, discounts for group of commodities, discounts on individual products, discounts for group defined by contractors, special discounts for contractors, special discounts for customers and products or groups of products, discounts on payment methods, discounts on payment terms, discounts on quantity purchased, discounts with discount card,
  • possibility to define periodic price promotions and promotion rates on selected goods, product groups
  • the possibillity of loyality programs,
  • cooperation with the price tag weights,
  • cooperation with barcode readers,
  • cooperation with label printers,
  • cooperation with chip and magnetic discount card reader,
  • complex divisions of the group, branch, types, characteristics of the goods for the subsequent analysis,
  • complex rules to reduce prices, margins, control sales, discounts,
  • the scope and control permissions, authorizations for special operations, dangerous or requiring consent of persons authorized,
  • working with data collectors,
  • advanced inventory accounting,
  • on-line monitoring of settlements, balances, approval to sell the goods,
  • support partial payments and advances, etc.,
  • customer orders, registration, cooperation in orders to suppliers,
  • issue of accounting on the basis of other (such as an invoice with the order, sales invoice created from the offer, etc.),
  • automated rules for the preparation of tenders,
  • multi-storage,
  • multi-branch – means ability to conduct inventories current exhibition stocks, stocks of „foreign” goods,
  • cooperation with accounting systems, cash register etc.