Dedicated applications

Among the companies seeking system provider, it often happens that none of the ready-made solutions available in the market does not fully meet thei expectations due to specific processes, methods of payment and the circulation of information that are used in the enterprise.

One of the main objectives pursued by the TOP S.A. is the need to provide companies comprehensive tools to meet specific and operation of the company. With our more than twenty years of experience in the production of software for business, our company is able to provide dedicated applications for any type of business such as:

  • applications supporting business and its settlement,
  • logistic solutions,
  • applications that automate the flow of information,
  • specialized industry applications such as: for the furniture industry, thermal energy, offices, shipping companies etc.

Dedicated applications are creating with the use of the latest technology and in close cooperation with the authority. Each time, the process of preparing an application is preceded by a comprehensive diagnosis of the client’s needs and consultation on the necessary functionality to the software prepared was characterized by a maximum adjustment to the needs, was stable, easy to use, provided a opportunity to develop and be fully integrated with the previously used computer system.

The best references for our applications are automated processes, reduce costs, increase access to information management and analysis, so that our customers greatly accelerate the development, which has enabled them to achieve significant competitive advantage.

If your company performs a series of steps according to the pattern that you consider to be too time consuming, if you think that the need for greater automation of processes to eliminate human error generating costs, or are looking for a software provider that meets your individual and specific needs, our systems offer and dedicated applications is addressed precisely to your company.