B2B Systems

The TOP B2B is addressed both to the production companies and commercial automation involved the exchange and flow of information between business partners in all phases of commercial cooperation and improving control over the execution of orders and clearing.

The system allows two-way electronic transmission and verification of data, minimizing the exchange of information through traditional means, and minimizing the risk of the errors.

With the ability to exchange documents in standard EDI system provides the ability to automatically input data sent or received documents using only operator verification activities. The use of advanced electronic signatures increases the security of transaction in the areas where it is required, documents bearing the signature are equivalent to traditional paper documents, they are also much easier to archive.

Information from the TOP B2B (eg. dates, payment, prices, ordered inventory and other data from the contracts) are constantly exchanged with the ERP system, giving you full access to current information necessary for anaysis and reporting, and are the basis for the work of production capacity planning tools and supplies.

Examples of the benefits from the implementation of the TOP B2B are:

  • automation of document exchange in the areas of ordering, invoicing and settlement of purchases, etc.,
  • automation of operator control and monitoring of trading activities,
  • elimination of distortions, irregularities and errors in issued and received documents,
  • acceleration, standardize and improve the quality of communication with business partners,
  • better management of relationship between business partners,
  • shorten the service contractors and orders,
  • possibility of checks balances between the companies cooperating eachother,
  • the possibility of concluding secure transactions through the authorization and control participants,
  • the ability to track the procurement process, such as a purchase requisition, ordering, receiving, invoice settlement,
  • partners can share information about inventory and the possible time of the contract.

TOP B2B is dedicated system and is implemented based on the individual needs of developed on the basis of pre-made at your location.

TOP S.A. provides the ability to both consulting and full support during the preparation of the proposal for the EU to support the implementation of B2B e-business.

Companies interested in the possibilities offered by the system to support electronic data interchange TOP B2B please contact our consultants at telephone number 17 856 39 99 or write on an e-mail: topsa@topsa.com.pl.