Accounting software SOLO

Described in more detail in the section of products Finance and Accounting SOLO System is completely Polish program for companies of any industry, dealing with all the tasks facing the accounts of the company.

The basic features of accounting software SOLO is:

  • any size chart of accounts,
  • any number of levels of aggregation chart of accounts and records on accounts,
  • any number of partial logs
  • any number of records, resistance to large amounts of information,
  • defined templates for import of data from sales, cash, etc.,
  • defined rules of reposting between the group of costs,
  • automatic and defined reposting according to preset or calculated key cost,
  • online previews trial balance, record books of accounts, records of accounts analytical and synthetic,
  • fully information about the settlements,
  • any number of accounting notes, define their own notes, requests for payment etc.,
  • automatic and defined analysis,
  • preparation of auto-type prints the balance sheet, income statement, flow etc.,
  • multicurrency registration trial balance,
  • automatic calculation and settlement of exchange differences,
  • planning and tracking of costs and expenses, monitoring of the implementation of the financial plans,
  • cooperation with home-banking,
  • and many other

The system is working in various industries, from budgetary establishments to large commercial enterprises and production.

Thanks to the architectures is stable, easy to implement and training of employees. In a simple manner compatible with the systems of data transmission to and from banks (certified Partner BPH) and systems operating according to various operations within the company.