We offer a comprehensive range of systems for business management.

In offered by TOP S.A. is the full set of software of products, ensuring that complete records of economic phenomena.

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All production systems TOP S.A. are based on a common architecture, and the same rules work. This approach facilities the training of users, and work together to set rules for individual modules. All of our software modules exchange data, once the records are the basis for the further work of others. In our production systems are implemented mechanisms to automate the preparation of documents and thei shipping, workflow control, the power to edit and change.

With the tools parameter settings are possible for each parameter for a computer on the network, to the user, group of users or the level of user access. Thus at the same time working users can see other information, to have available other functions, depending on the requirements of the operating principles and information security. The key functions of the modules are specially protected or responsible (are protected, in addition to user permissions) through authorization options employee autorized to accept the transaction (eg. sale of the debtor customer).

The quantitative data and information on the activities of users on the system are the basis for reporting tool: reports SQL Analysis OLAP or CBI report, giving a full set of information about enetrprise resources necessary to manage the company.

The product offer of TOP S.A.:

  • TOP9000 – Integrated Information System ERP (covers areas: distribution, sales, logistics, contacts with clients, production, transportation, storage, finance and human resources),
  • TOP OLAP – The Analytical Business Intelligence,
  • TOP WMS – The high storage management,
  • TOP B2B – Electronic data interchange system,
  • TOP CBI – Information Security Center – a system of reporting on the state of infrastructure and business processes,
  • Dedicated Applications – created according to individual needs.

In addition to the production and implementation of information systems, TOP SA provides a wide range of after-sales service of a comprehensive IT companies services.