What makes us different

Comprehesive offer

The range offered by us is a number of integrated TOP9000 system to a full record of economic phenomena. We offer a full, comprehensive package (starting from procurement through distribution, manufacturing, accounting, human resources and payroll on Internet tools to support customer contact, analytics and Business Intelligence, dedicated solutions created for the most demanding customers, waiting for an individual approach and solutions „made-to-us”.

Advice and consulting

Providing customers with the selection appropriate tools, we provide all necessery consulting services. Consultants advise how the company can improve its internal processes, improve the flow of information through the organization and improve operational efficiency. The project implementation is prepared taking into account the current functioning of the company, as well as changes to be made and goals to be achieved.

Individual approach

Since its inception, the company has adopted a different way from other software sales. Do not sell products off the shelf, leaving the client itself, but it takes its implementation in both installation and employee training in operating the various software modules. Such an approach, as well as the scalability and openness of the system allows you to quickly adjust the software to the specific needs of the client comapny organization.

Value for money

Our products are constantly being updated and adapted to changing conditions and customer expectations. They are characterized by job security, flexibility and efficiency, thus promoting the development of our clients. High quality software, easy to use and ensure the security of your data was achieved after many years of cooperation with medium-sized and large enterprises, in which the systems were implemented. At the same time, thanks to the elimination of the need to purchase foreign (usually expensive) additional development tools and the use of Open Source solutions, our systems have reached an extremely favourable quality/price ratio (value of money). We wish to emphasize that the applied technologies we do not require additional funding for the purchase of a license database and license Linux server which reduces the cost of implementing our solutions.

Fast Implementation

Short time to insertion our system (also in the case of multi-site companies) due to the implementation team held a lot of experience and ability to transfer the data from the currently used databases. Implementation can be done completly or in stages. Frequently implementation require additional integration TOP S.A. with third-party software. This makes it possible to take full advantage of your IT infrastructure by the customer.

Individual „tailor-made solutions”

Because we are a manufacturer of all offered systems, we are able to modify products to meet the needs of even the most demanding companies, which is unattainable when purchasing packaged software or purchase from brokers – companies only resell or intermediary systems in their sales. Our software is implemented in accordance with the individual, agreed with the customer’s needs and goals. This approach allows you to maximize the benefits for the end user, and optimally adapted to the specifics of the system of the recipient.

Constant care support sites

After completion of the implementation of the software users of our systems are covered by our constant care carried out remotely or directly when necessary at the installation site. We are a company whose business model is based on close cooperation with our business partners (customers), providing a wide range of after-sales service. Companies expanding thei operations often make changes to operational processes and information. Software can be adapted to changing circumstances in the enterprise and provide advice and prompt action on our part to effectively support the development of our clients.

Institutional sustainability

Our company has 20 years continuously engaged in information technology, which allows us to say that we are a reliable partner for our clients. It is one of the most important factors determining the reliability, durability and the ability to later upgrade and develop the solutions.

TOP S.A. is a founding member of the Association of Informatics in Podkarpacie, guardian of the Eastern of Poland Companies Cluster.