Association of Informatics in Podkarpacie

On 24 April 2006 was established the Association of Informatics in Podkarpacie, affiliating business from the region of South-Eastern Polish, dealing with such sales of computer hardware, software development and installation of computer networks. Thanks to the cooperation and synergy effects, there is an opportunity to compete with bigger companies in the industry.

Association of Informatics in Podkarpacie became the coordinator and initiator of the creation of the Eastern of Poland Companies Cluster

From the beginning, our comapny is actively involved in the „life” of the cluster, we actively participate in projects organized by cluster appreciating its role in building the image and promotion of Polish companies and Eastern Europe.

Cluster gives us the opportunity to exchange experiences with our partners, joint projects and joint operations of image while preserving healthy competition. For its part, give their knowledge and experience, which we willingly share and exchange with our partners in the Cluster.

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