Professional software for businesses

Since 1991 TOP SA is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive systems mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises.

Product offer includes:

  • Integrated Information System ERP TOP9000
  • Analytical Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Dedicated Applications
  • Warehouse Management System TOP WMS of High Storage
  • Mobile Applications

TOP SA is a manufacturer of all of our solutions. This allows the company to offer products fully covering the needs of the most demanding customers who expect personal attention and support from experienced professionals from the IT industry.

22 grudnia 2017
Merry Christmas

We wish you peaceful and merry Christmas and a New Year full of success both in your private and business lives.

23 kwietnia 2013
Change of address

From 19 April, our company changed its address. All of our customers and the cooperating companies take to the Warneńczyka 3 Street. We believe that the greater seat of its infrastructure and ever increasing team will allow us to offer an even higher quality of service and support to the users of our software.

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